Why Touchpoint

The better the training, the faster an organization realizes results. That’s why our focus is to understand your business goals and to design programs that rapidly enable you to reach those goals and drive success for your organization.
We offer a full range of learning and development solutions, and we work with you to analyze your situation and design what’s right for you. Whether it’s a complete redesign of your program, help with the design and configuration of a Learning Management System, or polish of existing training content, we provide the solution that fits.
At TouchPoint, we understand that effective first-line managers are critical to your organization’s success. Our programs help you identify the right candidates for promotion, evaluate and select those who are most likely to succeed in those roles, train them to ensure success, and build leadership capabilities as they develop in their roles.
The pace of change in business continues to accelerate, and many organizations struggle to keep up. Successful companies don’t just react to change. They lead it. At TouchPoint, we understand that your ability to compete depends on how quickly you can align your people to your vision for the future. We help you build new capabilities that enable you to lead change.
The linchpin of successful training is quality. Quality engages participants and promotes the retention critical to change behavior. We build the highest quality learning and leadership programs by focusing on four key areas: context, content, structure, and outcomes.
It's common for people to make claims about how well they work with clients. We prefer to let our clients do the talking. Over and over, people tell us that they love working with us. It’s our goal to make our clients look good by delivering programs that improve results. We’re proud of our reputation of doing just that.
When you and your team achieve success, you drive greater success for your organization. TouchPoint solutions deliver success for you, for the learning and development function as a whole, and for your entire organization.