Instructor-led Training


Instructor-led training is an important component of a blended learning program. TouchPoint develops effective workshops that can be integrated with your other training materials to enhance your overall training program.

Interactive Workshop Design

TouchPoint designs and delivers engaging interactive workshops that help you achieve your business objectives. TouchPoint-designed workshops feature:

  • Facilitator guides – to support facilitators with complete instructions for success.
  • Participant guides – to support participants with materials to ensure they get the most out of the workshop.
  • Workshop materials - additional workshop materials as required to support discussions and activities.
  • Communications – other media to clarify the purpose of the workshop and promote understanding among the training audience.
  • Measured outcomes – structured evaluation of audience participation and follow-up to confirm the effectiveness of the workshop.
  • Pre-work - materials and activities to help prepare the audience for the workshop.
  • Integration - ensure live training workshops blend with eLearning and other training content.
  • Action learning - opportunities for participants to "learn by doing" after they are back in their everyday jobs.

Workshop Delivery

TouchPoint offers a flexible approach to workshop delivery, with multiple delivery methods:

  • Train the trainer - teach the organization’s assigned trainers how to facilitate the workshop.
  • Joint delivery - work collaboratively with the organization’s trainers to facilitate the workshop.
  • TouchPoint delivery - TouchPoint facilitators deliver the workshop.

Workshop Audit

To help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current live training program, TouchPoint can audit your existing workshops and provide detailed feedback about how to upgrade the content and better integrate it into your overall training curriculum.