Learning Infrastructure


Even if you have a modest amount of eLearning content, you’ll need a platform on which you can deploy and track your training. The generic name for an eLearning platform is LMS, or Learning Management System. There are many LMS products on the market, and they range from bare-bones, single-use cloud environments, to full-blown enterprise systems that come with a plethora of features.

Whether you have an existing LMS and need to expand or refine its use, or need to select a new LMS that meets your organization’s needs, TouchPoint can help. When we deploy an LMS, we try to hit the sweet spot between the core features you need today and the features you may want tomorrow, without incurring unnecessary complexity or cost. We like to keep things simple, so that the basic functionality you will use every day is rock-solid and easy to use. TouchPoint can provide the following LMS infrastructure services:

  • Analysis & evaluation
  • Design & configuration
  • Deployment & launch
  • Data and content management
  • User support