Blended Learning


Blended learning programs combine different training methods to increase the overall impact on the learner. Blended learning has much greater impact than learning that is limited to one training method. Adult learners have different learning styles, and by definition, blended learning gives learners more than one way to experience training content. Blended learning is also spaced learning - which allows the learner to process complex content over time.

At TouchPoint, we combine five main training methods into high-impact blended learning programs to drive the right outcomes for our clients. These methods are:

  • Web-based training
  • Instructor-led training
  • Virtual workshops
  • Action learning
  • Structured coaching

Most training situations benefit when a combination of two or three of these methods is used. To determine which methods will create the best blended training program, consider the client’s objectives, the population that will receive training, and the resources available.