Learning Solutions

At TouchPoint, we understand that effective learning and development programs deliver real business results. We know how to collaborate with clients to design and develop effective learning solutions that:

  • Engage employees
  • Drive the right behaviors
  • Improve performance, and
  • Deliver results


Our Philosophy
We design comprehensive strategic learning programs to engage employees, drive the right behaviors, support organizational objectives, and deliver results. When learning activities are integrated into a strategic learning program, they are most likely to drive the organizational change required to deliver real business results.

Successful learning programs go way beyond single events or week-long training workshops. The most effective learning programs combine different learning activities, space the activities out over time, and use a variety of media to deliver content. This blended approach combines self-paced eLearning modules, live instructor-led training, virtual interactive workshops, action learning, and integrated coaching reinforcement into a strategic learning program that promotes better engagement, more positive interaction, greater understanding, and better results.

Whether you’re looking for a collaborative partner to develop and implement a comprehensive learning program, help with the design, development, and delivery of eLearning content, or advice about how to better connect your live and Web-based programs, we have the expertise to deliver the results you need.