Leadership Solutions

In today’s flat, distributed organizations, effective first-line managers are often the linchpin to success. Unfortunately, too many individuals promoted to first-line manager roles struggle to succeed in the very challenging transition from individual contributor to effective work-group manager. TouchPoint Leadership programs help clients:

  • Identify the right candidates for consideration
  • Evaluate candidates and select those most likely to succeed as managers
  • Train newly promoted managers in the skills that ensure initial success
  • Build leadership capabilities as managers develop in their roles


Effective work-group managers are critical to the success of modern organizations. At TouchPoint, we help companies develop work-group managers in a multi-year process that starts with preparing the right candidates and providing a realistic job preview so both the company and the candidate can determine the suitability of the individual for the role. For most work-group manager roles, the critical skills for initial success are coaching and team leadership. After new managers master these skills, they are ready to focus on the interpersonal skills that promote long-term followership. Finally, as work-group managers mature in their roles and begin to look for new challenges, they need to develop authentic leadership breadth that will enable success in middle and upper management roles.

This entire progression is more successful when companies deploy focused mentor programs that are carefully designed to promote the right mentor-mentee interactions.