How we work

At TouchPoint, we partner with clients to drive business results. We ask questions to learn about your business issues and about the changes you’re trying to achieve. Once we understand your goals, we design and implement learning and leadership programs that deliver positive change and growth for your organization. We’re committed to working “at the speed of business” and doing what it takes to make you successful.

We build effective, collaborative partnerships with our clients. Once we’ve designed a strategy, we assign a project team to partner with the key stakeholders and subject matter experts in your organization to build and deploy effective, compelling training. We understand that you’re busy. You need a partner who does the heavy lifting, and knows how to get things done.

Our development process is straightforward and easy to follow. We don’t expect you to be expert in our process. Instead, we manage projects so the expectations are clear and you know ahead of time when your input will be required. We plan review sessions so they’re efficient and productive. We provide multiple opportunities for you to react to content and provide feedback, and we quickly move forward after we have worked with you to create the optimal solution. From the earliest stages of design all the way through to the final deliverables, our collaborative process results in high-value solutions that drive success.

The TouchPoint team is flexible, responsive, and committed. Our focus on driving business results means that we are totally responsive to your needs. We have a proven track record of delivering on behalf of our clients even when deadlines are tight and require work outside of traditional business hours. We’re flexible too, so if your needs change and you want to reconsider project timetables, we respond accordingly. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations with top-shelf programs that deliver results.