When people hear the phrase "leadership training" they often think of those at the top of the organizational pyramid, as in Executive Leadership. But an organization's leadership is a pyramid that extends from the few at the top to a much larger group of first line managers at the base. As with any structure that must be strong and durable, there are good reasons to consider the foundation first. Read on to see why you should start at the bottom.

Rating and Comparing the LMS 


Learning Management Systems are complex and evolving at a fast pace. When evaluating an LMS, the list of features you might want to consider is long. By the time you work your way through a comprehensive checklist, you've generated a lot of information and have no easy way to roll it up and easily compare one product to another, apples-to-apples. This spreadsheet attempts to do just that.


The animated eLearning module you just delivered to your US sales team is a success. The VP of sales dropped by yesterday to say that his team had great feedback, and he feels that it will really have a positive impact on sales. In fact, he wants to release the same module to the European sales team next quarter in French, German, and Dutch. You know your team worked really hard just to get the training out in one language. How should you approach the project to ensure that your localized training gets the same high marks?